Nuclear Program Presentations

March 18, 2005

The experts in NRDC's nuclear program often present briefings to philanthropy groups, academic institutions, government officials and others. This page provides presentation materials to briefing attendees for further study.

This Big Piggy Went to Congress: Subsidizing Nuclear Power (Again and Again and Again . . . . )

Presented by Dr. Thomas B. Cochran, director of NRDC's nuclear program, at panel at the Center for American Progress, March 3, 2005

This PowerPoint presentation was given as part of a panel discussion titled "Nuclear Power: What Does the Future Hold?" that took on the topic of nuclear power's potential role in solving the global warming problem. Also on the panel with Dr. Cochran were Professor John Deutch of MIT, Professor Burton Richter of Stanford University and panel moderator John Podesta, president of the Center for American Progress.

The presentation reviews the subsidies sought by the nuclear industry to fund construction of a few new and uneconomical nuclear power plants. Offering huge subsidies to some of the most profitable corporations in America for these plants is an economically inefficient way to tackle global warming. These subsidies are unlikely to make follow-on nuclear plants economically competitive, and are unlikely to result in a significant contribution to a solution of the global warming problem.

The Bush Administration's National Security Strategy

Presented to the Summer Faculty Institute on World Security Affairs of the Five College Program in Peace and World Security Studies, June 11, 2003

Since November 2002, Christopher Paine, a senior analyst with NRDC's nuclear program, has been presenting a briefing at international conferences that offers a comprehensive critical assessment of the Bush administration's national security strategy, in particular its approaches to "counter-proliferation" and nuclear arms reduction.