Petition to DC Water to Reexamine the Long Term Control Plan for Combined Sewer Overflows

Legal Filings
October 04, 2010

In 2010, NRDC joined with other DC-area advocates to petition the District of Columbia Water and Sewer Authority to reexamine the District's Long Term Control Plan, which sets out a schedule for the construction of huge underground tunnels to capture and prevent combined sewer overflows. The petition asked DC Water to examine how green infrastructure could be used to (1) ensure that required pollution reductions would be achieved in light of climate change impacts and expected increases in extreme storm events, (2) update the design for the Potomac and Rock Creek tunnels, and (3) obtain environmental and economic benefits that are not available through the use of hard infrastructure alone. Since the petition was filed, DC Water has proposed to modify its plan to incorporate more green infrastructure, though its proposal would entail project delays of several years beyond the current schedule. This proposal will be reviewed by the U.S. EPA, the courts, and the public.