Proposed Expansion of the Gibbstown Logistics Center in Gibbstown, NJ

December 03, 2020

Letter sent to the commissioners and staff of the Delaware River Basin Commission (DRBC) alerting them that the Gibbstown Logistics Center is in violation of clean water laws and regulations. Specifically, NRDC believes this facility is out of compliance with federal, state and DRBC laws governing the implementation of a U.S. EPA-established Total Maximum Daily Load (TMDL) for toxic PCBs in the section of the Delaware River where this terminal would be located. The Gibbstown facility is also out of compliance with an explicit 2017 DRBC approval condition relating to PCBs and TMDLs. And it is possible that stormwater discharges from the site have violated water quality standards for PCBs in the Delaware River. NRDC believes DRBC should defer any additional approvals to expand this facility, including construction of “Dock 2,” until these legal deficiencies are fully examined and addressed.