SpOILed Parks: The Threat to our Coastal National Parks from Expanded Offshore Drilling

May 23, 2018

The Trump Administration’s proposed plan for offshore oil and gas drilling threatens our coasts from Alaska to San Diego and Maine to Miami for the first time in decades, if they’ve ever faced the prospect of destructive drilling. These newly considered areas abut 68 coastal National Parks, pieces of our natural heritage and history so treasured that Congress has afforded them some of the strongest protections possible. They provide escapes into nature for American families, preserve biodiversity and the habitat of many endangered species, and offer a chance to connect with the past; indeed, they’re so popular that a combined 84 million visits in 2017 generated $5.7 billion in economic output, supporting over 59 thousand jobs. This report, published jointly with the National Parks Conservation Association, puts a spotlight on these parks, breaking them out by state to show just what’s at stake if the Trump Administration gets its way on offshore drilling.