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PJM Rejects Member Plan to Rewrite Penalties

Press Release
Earthjustice, NRDC, Penn Future, Public Citizen, Sierra Club, the Sustainable FERC Project, and the Union of Concerned Scientists sent a letter to the PJM board calling on them to reject the May 11 PJM-member proposal to rollback penalties for failed…

Governor Cooper Must Sign Revised Energy Bill

Press ReleaseNorth Carolina
RALEIGH, NC -- The North Carolina General Assembly has passed HB951, a bill that was previously a give-away to Duke Energy and the fracked gas industry, but has since undergone intense revisions. If signed, the bill would codify parts of…

House Bill Would Deliver Needed Steps Toward a Clean Economy

Expert BlogMarc Boom
This package pulls together over 60 different bills that, taken as a whole, would significantly improve how our government approaches energy systems - putting climate action, clean jobs, and reducing environmental harms to communities at the forefront of building a…

VA's Overly-Lucrative Monopoly Business Model Wears Thin

Expert BlogWalton Shepherd
Amid Virginia’s budgetary upheaval and ongoing economic pain, our electric system's bloat remains a shock: the SCC’s just-released annual report details more than half a billion dollars in Dominion overcharges to Virginia's millions of Dominion customers. More than ever, we…

Why Illinois Needs a New “Normal”

Expert BlogIllinoisJ.C. Kibbey
Illinois can’t go back to the old “normal,” but as we recover from coronavirus, we can chart a new path forward that centers equity and sustainability.

Doing the Dirty Work: Resilience Workers Deserve Better

Expert BlogClare Morganelli
Resilience workers play a vital role in recovery following an extreme weather event. Unfortunately, poor living conditions, wage theft, injury, and prejudice can make the important work they're doing more difficult and more dangerous.