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What the North American Leaders' Summit Means for Mexico

Expert BlogAmanda Maxwell
The agreements signed at this Summit are a first step to position North America as a region at the forefront of global efforts to address climate change. In the case of Mexico, the commitments generated are not bigger than those…

Catalyzing Clean Energy Innovation

Expert BlogJackie Wong, Arjun Krishnaswami
U.S. energy innovation has led the world for decades—but the urgency of climate change calls upon us to increase federal investment in clean energy innovation by at least two to three times, and to accelerate the pace at which we…

5 Ways City Dwellers Can Spur Climate Action

How-ToUnited StatesDanna Walker

Because of their massive environmental footprints, urban areas can play a huge role in curbing climate change. Ask these five questions of local leaders to see if your city is up to snuff.

Innovation Has Not Run Dry!

Latest NewsCaliforniaAlisa Opar
As summer heat compounds four years of drought, Californians are coping with water shortages in some wacky and smart (and desperate) ways.

California Leaders: Pass Clean Energy and Water Bills Now

Expert BlogVictoria Rome
While the Trump administration tries to hide the facts of climate change, and pursues an outdated, dirty energy strategy for the United States, California continues to assure the rest of the world that “We Are Still In” the Paris agreement…