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What Could You Do with Another 100 Hours a Year?

Expert BlogAmanda Eaken
Los Angelenos spend a staggering average of 104 hours per year sitting in traffic—and this means transportation is the leading source of climate change in California.

Protecting the Safety Net for New Chemicals Under TSCA

Expert BlogDaniel Rosenberg
NRDC has withdrawn its lawsuit challenging EPA's illegal "Framework" for reviewing new chemicals under the Toxic Substances Control Act (TSCA) after the Agency declared that it had never actually used the Framework to review the safety of new chemicals, and…

Is USDA COVID Relief Leaving Out Vulnerable Farmers?

Expert BlogUnited StatesLena Brook, Allison Johnson
The COVID crisis is bringing our food system’s vulnerabilities and failures into stark relief. USDA should be rising to this challenge, and actively supporting innovative farmers who will increase food system resilience over time.

New York Proposes New Rates for Distributed Energy

Expert BlogMiles Farmer
The New York Department of Public Service has proposed to change the way distributed energy resources (like community solar and small wind projects) are rewarded for the benefits that they provide to the electricity system. The Department released a landmark…