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2020 Laid Groundwork for Bold Climate Action in 2021

Expert BlogRoland Hwang
In 2021, the U.S. has a critical opportunity to avert an even worse climate crisis, by building off of the lessons of 2020, which points to a more unifying approach to tackle the climate, economic, and racial justice crises in…

Trump Administration Sued for Gutting Clean Car Standards

Press Release
WASHINGTON – Environmental advocates filed lawsuits today in federal court against the Trump administration for its illegal rollback of clean car and fuel economy standards. The administration’s rule is based on massive technical and economic errors – and fails to…

El aire contaminado hace más letal el coronavirus

Expert BlogDr. Vijay Limaye
Un nuevo estudio relaciona una mayor contaminación del aire con tasas de mortalidad más altas por COVID-19. Es importante que reduzcamos la enorme carga de la contaminación alrededor del país.

2019 Saw Deep Decarb Pledges: 2020s Will Require Bold Action

Expert BlogSamantha Williams
No trends defined 2019 more than the wave of deep decarbonization commitments from utilities, coupled with a new dominance for gas-fired power nationally. 2019 was a record-breaking year for emissions, driven, in part, by a sharp uptick in gas-fired power…

Bipartisan Group of States Take Steps to Cut Truck Pollution

Expert BlogDr. Simon Mui, Patricio Portillo
Top environmental officials from 8 states and DC took a bold step towards protecting our nation’s air and cutting carbon emissions from the transportation sector by signing a joint agreement to accelerate the electric truck and bus market.

NV Gov. Sisolak Signs Order to Reduce Carbon Pollution

Expert BlogPatricia Valderrama, Noah Long
Today, Governor Sisolak signed an Executive Order committing to reduce carbon pollution in Nevada and work toward an equitable and inclusive transition to a carbon neutral, clean energy economy. Governor Sisolak's administration is blazing a path for other states looking…

NRDC to EPA: Scrap the Dirty Power Plan, Strengthen the CPP

Expert BlogLissa Lynch
NRDC submitted extensive public comments strongly opposing the Trump EPA’s irresponsible proposal to cancel the groundbreaking Clean Power Plan and replace it with a deeply flawed dirty power plan that will result in more power plant carbon pollution, harming public…