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Salud humana

NRDC believes that at forefront of our collective fight for a just, sustainable, and socially equitable world is human health.

Equidad y justicia

NRDC has been working with and advocating for frontline communities to help create a healthier future that belongs to all. 

What Can We Do to Fix the Drinking Water Problem in America?

ExplainerUnited States, Flint, Newark, Michigan, New Jersey
Seth Siegel, author of the new book “Troubled Water: What’s Wrong with What We Drink,” says we must change people’s mind-sets and get to the root of the issue to ensure safe drinking water for everyone.

New York’s Constitutional Right to Water: A First Step

Expert BlogNew YorkAngela Guyadeen
A constitutional amendment on this November’s ballot will allow New Yorkers to vote on amending the state’s constitution to include a right to clean air and water, stating, “Each person shall have a right to clean air and water, and…

En Chicago, el agua potable todavía no es una garantía

PerspectivesChicagoKeith Mulvihill
“Hay tantas líneas de servicio de plomo en Chicago, pero la gente no habla de eso”, dice la defensora Cheryl Watson. Ahora ella y otros residentes de primera línea están cambiando la conversación.

Causes and Effects of Lead in Water

GuideUnited States, Flint, Michigan, IllinoisKeith Mulvihill

How this harmful neurotoxin got into our taps and what it’ll take to get it out.

Floraciones de algas nocivas de agua dulce 101

GuideUnited StatesMelissa Denchak, Melanie Sturm
Las floraciones de algas son feas, malolientes y a veces tóxicas y se están convirtiendo en un fenómeno más común en los ecosistemas de agua dulce como los ríos, lagos, estanques y embalses. Ofrecemos un resumen de cómo el exceso…

Get the Lead Out of Drinking Water in Schools: Model Law

Expert BlogJoan Leary Matthews
Lead in drinking water in schools has been in the news over the years, with particular concerns in New York City and Washington, D.C., among other cities. But ever since the recent crisis of lead in drinking water exploded in…