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Biomass 101

GuideInternational, United StatesCourtney Lindwall

It turns out this controversial renewable hardly lives up to its carbon-cutting reputation.

Industrial Agricultural Pollution 101

GuideUnited StatesCourtney Lindwall
From fertilizer runoff to methane emissions, large-scale industrial agriculture pollution takes a toll on the environment.

What the IPCC Really Says on Forest Biomass & Climate Change

Expert BlogInternationalSasha Stashwick

Reliance on forest-derived wood pellets for largescale electricity generation has increased dramatically over the last decade. Despite claims from forest biomass proponents, the IPCC does not even assess, let alone support, the use of forest bioenergy and BECCS as a…

Committing to Accessible, Zero-Emission Transportation in CO

Expert BlogColoradoAriana Gonzalez, Patricio Portillo, Arjun Krishnaswami
Though Colorado passed ambitious climate legislation last year setting GHG reduction targets, a recent report found that its current trajectory will miss those targets without new, strong commitments.

India Announces Stronger Climate Action

Expert BlogIndiaAnjali Jaiswal, Sameer Kwatra
Prime Minister Modi discussed several concrete measures which will deepen India’s action on climate change.

Raising the Bar: NRDC’s Aviation Biofuels Scorecards

ReportUnited StatesDebbie Hammel
The aviation industry represents the transportation sector with the fastest growing greenhouse gas emissions. It is also not regulated under the 2015 Paris Agreement. Yet, it has set commendable goals to shrink its carbon footprint.

China a Key Player in Aviation Emissions Agreement

Expert BlogBarbara Finamore, Alvin Lin
China and the U.S. have put climate issues back into renewed focus by formally approving the Paris Climate agreement at the onset of the G20 summit this month. In several weeks, these two countries will have another opportunity to demonstrate…