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6 Pros of the Wildlife Conservation and Anti-Trafficking Act

Expert BlogUnited States, InternationalElly Pepper
Congressmen John Garamendi (D-CA) and Don Young (R-AK) recently reintroduced a bi-partisan bill which aims to tackle the black-market trade in illegal wildlife and seafood products. Here are six reasons to support it.

Report: Leading Approach to BECCS Worsens Climate Change

Expert BlogInternationalSasha Stashwick

Adding to serious scientific concerns about the impacts of BECCS on public health, water and wildlife new research indicates that the UK’s current approach to BECCS won’t deliver promised climate benefits, and, perversely, will make climate change worse. 

The Biodiversity Crisis Is HERE: 5 Ways Biden Can Stop It

Expert BlogUnited StatesHelen O'Shea, Lucas Rhoads, Elly Pepper

There is no time to waste—we learned that 23 species are lost forever. So many more are on the brink. We must act now. Our children and all future generations are depending on us.

UK Likely Complicit in Harming Estonia’s Nature Reserves

Expert BlogInternationalElly Pepper

Logging in Estonia is destroying the country’s forests. And part of the blame may lay squarely on the UK, which is one of the main importers of wood from Estonia to burn as fuel for electricity in industrial scale power…

Wildlife Trade 101

GuideInternational, United StatesChia-Yi Hou

Wildlife trade is big business, with wild plants, animals, and products made from them sold around the globe, legally and illegally. It’s also a leading cause of the planet’s accelerating biodiversity crisis and resultant ecosystem collapse.