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WH Hunger Strategy Should Advance Equity, Health & Wealth

Expert BlogUnited StatesAllison Johnson, Nina Sevilla, Lena Brook

The upcoming White House conference presents a rare opportunity for the Biden administration and Congress to advance racial justice, health, environmental protection, and local prosperity. 

IPCC: Food Systems Adaptation Is Critical

Expert BlogUnited States, InternationalMadeline Keating, Yvette Cabrera, Lena Brook, Claire O'Connor
We need sweeping climate action—and we cannot afford to overlook our food system in that effort. With powerful legislation, sustained funding, and action from businesses, institutions, and consumers, we can do it.

Regenerative Agriculture 101

GuideUnited StatesNRDC
NRDC interviewed more than 100 farmers and ranchers who are building healthy soil and growing climate-resilient communities across the country. This guide incorporates much of what we learned.

Agricultura regenerativa 101

GuideUnited StatesNRDC
El NRDC entrevistó a más de 100 agricultores y ganaderos que construyen suelos saludables y desarrollan comunidades resistentes al clima en todo el país. Esta guía incorpora mucho gran parte de lo que aprendimos.

Livestock Drug Surge Sparks Need for Urgent Action

Expert BlogInternational, United StatesDavid Wallinga, MD, Lena Brook
Sales of livestock antibiotics have risen for the second straight year. The alarming trend underscores how urgently federal leadership is needed to protect us from future infections untreatable with antibiotics.

Biden to Engage Farmers & Build Climate Resilience

Expert BlogUnited StatesAllison Johnson, Claire O'Connor
By prioritizing natural climate solutions and agricultural resilience, the Biden-Harris climate plan promises to guide U.S. food and farm policy into the 21st century.

Industrial Farming Is Not As You’ve Pictured

Expert BlogPaloma Sisneros-Lobato
The industrial agriculture system is reliant on a few large mega-corporations whose practices continue to exploit workers, growers and communities.

Big Beef, Its Antibiotics Habit, and Protecting Our Future

Expert BlogUnited StatesDavid Wallinga, MD
Antibiotic resistance is one of our gravest public health threats. Antibiotic overuse is a key driver of the problem, yet antibiotics of medical importance are routinely fed to herds of beef cattle on feedlots whether or not animals are sick…

New Data: Animal vs. Human Antibiotic Use Remains Lopsided

Expert BlogDavid Wallinga, MD, Avinash Kar
To prepare for future disease threats—like drug-resistant superbugs—information is critical. New, non-public data shows that 44 percent more antibiotics of medical important are sold for cows and pigs than for human medicine.