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Delivering More Action at Climate Summit in Glasgow

Expert BlogInternationalJake Schmidt

Leaders came to the climate summit in Glasgow with a daunting, necessary, and achievable task—put the world on a much more plausible pathway to “keep 1.5°C alive”. To do that they needed to set more ambitious commitments and take noticeable…

The UK Must Stop Subsidizing Its #1 Climate Polluter: Drax

Expert BlogInternationalSasha Stashwick

A steady drumbeat of new research showing that Drax, the world’s largest biomass-burning power station, is exacerbating climate change and putting at risk the UK’s chances of meeting climate targets. 

Report: Leading Approach to BECCS Worsens Climate Change

Expert BlogInternationalSasha Stashwick

Adding to serious scientific concerns about the impacts of BECCS on public health, water and wildlife new research indicates that the UK’s current approach to BECCS won’t deliver promised climate benefits, and, perversely, will make climate change worse. 

New Study Debunks Carbon Neutrality of Forest Biomass

Press ReleaseUnited States
WASHINGTON – A landmark new report shows that burning biomass for electricity will worsen climate change, rather than reduce carbon emissions as the industry claims. As American and global policymakers evaluate how to address their climate commitments, "A Bad Biomass…

House Climate Plan Recognizes Importance of Innovation

Expert BlogArjun Krishnaswami
Policymakers and members of Congress have increasingly talked a good game over the past few years about supporting a strong energy innovation strategy. There’s even been bipartisan backing from lawmakers to move an innovation package this session. But, for the…

We Can Transform U.S. Industry

Expert BlogUnited StatesSasha Stashwick, Dr. David B. Goldstein, Arjun Krishnaswami
In its detailed and ambitious report, the Select Committee offers dozens of solutions and policy recommendations. If implemented, these recommendations would meaningfully address the climate emergency across the U.S. economy, including a specific plan to achieve a net-zero emissions industrial…

House Climate Crisis Action Plan Gets a Lot Right on Biomass

Expert BlogSasha Stashwick
Established science now shows that burning biomass from forests for electricity is not a climate solution within timeframes relevant to addressing climate change. The Select Committee’s plan recognizes this science and squarely positions its policies in contrast to those of…

Our Forests Aren't Fuel

OverviewInternational, United States, Virginia, North Carolina, East
When companies cut down and burn trees to make electricity, the result is increased climate-changing carbon dioxide emissions, devastated ecosystems, and displaced wildlife.