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Responsible Offshore Wind Requires Smart Vessel Speeds

Expert BlogUnited States, EastAlison Chase

Adopting a 10-knot speed limit for all offshore wind project vessels will help ensure this new American industry advances with strong protections for whales and sea turtles.

Offshore Wind Done Right

Expert BlogUnited States, EastAlison Chase

We must advance offshore wind with the protections necessary to allow imperiled North Atlantic right whales to feed and migrate undisturbed.

Five Natural Climate Solutions to Mitigate Climate Change

Expert BlogInternationalZak Smith

The news from the latest IPCC report could be dispiriting (life-threatening climate changes are inevitable and irreversible) but it also continues to make the case that we can stave off the worst impacts of climate change if we drastically reduce…

How the Eager Beaver Helps Protect the Planet

Expert BlogUnited StatesDr. Jennifer Sherry, Minah Choi

When we make the space for them to thrive, these wetland engineers support biodiversity, defend the landscape from fire and drought, and even promote carbon sequestration.

Salmon: A Natural Climate Solution

Expert BlogUnited StatesGiulia C.S. Good Stefani

We must not forget our dependence on the biodiversity that makes this planet livable. After all, these fish grow the forests.

Marine Protected Areas Are Key to Our Future

Expert BlogUnited StatesAlison Chase

No matter where we live, we need a healthy ocean to survive. Strong marine protected areas are key to restoring our ocean, protecting our climate and biodiversity; in short, to securing our future.