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Curb Neonic Use to Save Bees—and Farmers

Expert BlogCaliforniaDaniel Raichel

Toxic "neonic" pesticides threaten bees and Californian's health, but Governor Newsom can help by signing the Pollinator Protection Act this week!

Questions and Answers About the Santa Susana Field Lab

Expert BlogCaliforniaCaroline Reiser

The Santa Susana Field Lab near Los Angeles is one of the most contaminated sites in California. Yet cleanup has barely begun. Here we answer common questions about the site and its cleanup, or lack thereof.

Why SB 1 Must Ensure that CESA Applies to the Federal CVP

Expert BlogCaliforniaKate Poole

The bill’s authors and proponents, including NRDC, have worked long and hard to resolve the vast majority of concerns raised during the legislative session. Now, some are arguing that the bill should be stripped of its longstanding provision applying the…