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Regenerative Agriculture Part 4: The Benefits

Expert BlogUnited StatesArohi Sharma, Lara Bryant, Ellen Lee, Claire O'Connor
The regenerative agriculture movement is reviving an Indigenous approach to agriculture and flipping the narrative to show how agriculture can help restore ecologies, fight climate change, rebuild relationships, spark economic development, and bring people—consumers AND farmers and ranchers—joy.

The List: Scott Pruitt's Lies & Distortions—So Far

Expert BlogJake Thompson
When EPA Administrator Scott Pruitt appears before a Senate appropriations subcommittee on Wednesday morning, it’s likely his penchant to lie about his ethical problems and mischaracterize his dangerous agenda will be front and center—again.

Clean Energy 2017: States and Cities Shine Despite Trump

Expert BlogKit Kennedy
The Trump administration and Congress leveled attacks this year on the environment, public health and social justice while Hurricanes Harvey, Irma and Maria wreaked havoc on Florida, Texas, Puerto Rico and the U.S. Virgin Islands, wildfires raged in the West…

Christie’s Last-Minute Nuclear Bailout Plans for New Jersey

Expert BlogDale Bryk
In the latest move to ram through a multibillion-dollar subsidy package for the state’s (currently thriving) nuclear plants, outgoing Governor Chris Christie is signaling that he won’t consider legislation that includes provisions to protect taxpayers and preserve New Jersey’s ability…

Cap and Trade and Regional Grid Integration Go Hand in Hand

Expert BlogCarl Zichella
Regional grid Integration—centrally coordinating the operations of the grid via an organized electricity market—is the essential element to the renewable energy transition in the western U.S. Here, as with cap and trade, California’s leadership will be critical.

NY Begins Exploring Pricing Carbon in its Electricity Market

Expert BlogJackson Morris
Imagine what would happen if the utilities buying the electricity to power our homes and businesses had to pay more for it depending on how much carbon pollution the power plants supplying the power pumped into the atmosphere.