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Dobbs Is Dangerous, Especially in an Era of Climate Change

Expert BlogUnited StatesValerie Baron

In a time when we are experiencing more intense, disruptive climate impacts, the consequences of this Supreme Court decision will be even more harmful and deadly, with Black people and low-income people bearing the worst.

The List: Scott Pruitt's Lies & Distortions—So Far

Expert BlogJake Thompson
When EPA Administrator Scott Pruitt appears before a Senate appropriations subcommittee on Wednesday morning, it’s likely his penchant to lie about his ethical problems and mischaracterize his dangerous agenda will be front and center—again.

Cap and Trade and Regional Grid Integration Go Hand in Hand

Expert BlogCarl Zichella
Regional grid Integration—centrally coordinating the operations of the grid via an organized electricity market—is the essential element to the renewable energy transition in the western U.S. Here, as with cap and trade, California’s leadership will be critical.