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Climate Consequences 2022: If India Sneezes

Expert BlogIndiaAnjali Jaiswal
As the warning goes, “when Paris sneezes, Europe catches a cold,” the same is true for India and the rest of the world when it comes to climate change.

Review of State EV Plans Across India Amidst COVID-19

Expert BlogAnjali Jaiswal
Find out the latest on state EV polcies in India. Nearly all the state EV policies prioritize two and three-wheelers, public transportation, and job creation. However, the policies differ in terms of targets, supply side incentives, and demand side incentives.

India Announces Stronger Climate Action

Expert BlogIndiaAnjali Jaiswal, Sameer Kwatra
Prime Minister Modi discussed several concrete measures which will deepen India’s action on climate change.

India Green News: India's First EV Charging Station & More

Expert BlogAnjali Jaiswal
India Green News: India reaffirms its commitment to moving away from a coal-based energy; India-led solar alliance to add 1,000GW of energy by 2030; This city just got India's first electric vehicle charging station