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A Clarion Call for Climate Change Adaptation

Expert BlogIndiaCharlotte Steiner, Sameer Kwatra

The new IPCC report, authored by 270 experts and scientists across 67 countries, identifies India as a country with one of the largest number of people vulnerable to climate impacts.

Indian Cities Struggle for Clean Air

Expert BlogIndiaAnjali Jaiswal
Aiming to fight air pollution, India’s environment minister Bhupendar Yadav recently announced plans to scale clean air programs to a national mission, “Clean Air for All."

Delivering More Action at Climate Summit in Glasgow

Expert BlogInternationalJake Schmidt

Leaders came to the climate summit in Glasgow with a daunting, necessary, and achievable task—put the world on a much more plausible pathway to “keep 1.5°C alive”. To do that they needed to set more ambitious commitments and take noticeable…

India at the Climate Crossroads

Expert BlogIndia, United StatesSameer Kwatra
India has historically contributed little to the climate crisis, but as one of the world’s largest economies, the country is critical to solving it.

Health as Lens for Shaping More Equitable Climate Policy

Expert BlogUnited States, InternationalDr. Kim Knowlton
Air pollution bears down disproportionately on the economically disadvantaged and many communities of color. It plays a key role in the disproportionate burden of respiratory health threats from COVID-19 plaguing the nation.

Heatwaves, Cyclones, and Extreme Weather During COVID-19

Expert BlogAnjali Jaiswal, Dr. Kim Knowlton, Dr. Vijay Limaye, Prima Madan
Extreme heat, cyclones, locust swarms are all devastating India, while communities are already suffering from COVID-19. Northern and central India are reeling from heatwaves this month. Communities are also recovering from the devastation from Cyclone Amphan. Locust swarms are also…

Expanding Resilience to Fight Brutal Heat Across India

Expert BlogAnjali Jaiswal, Dr. Kim Knowlton, Dr. Vijay Limaye
Brutally hot weather is a major health threat in India and many other parts of the world because climate change is fueling more frequent, intense, and longer heat waves. In response to this mounting threat, cities and regions across India…