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Chefs for Healthy Soil Launches for World Soil Day

Expert BlogUnited StatesLara Bryant, Dr. Daniel Rath

Through Chefs for Healthy Soil, chefs across the country are joining the regenerative agriculture movement to support transformative food and agriculture policies. Their involvement also helps educate lawmakers, the media, and consumers about the inextricable link between soil health, food…

CA Bill Would Ensure Safer Food Packaging

Expert BlogCaliforniaAvinash Kar, Dr. Anna Reade
The California Assembly took another step to protect Californians from toxic, “forever” PFAS chemicals by passing Assembly Bill 1200 (Ting) today.

Industrial Agriculture 101

GuideUnited StatesNRDC

Giant farms—whether growing crops or animals—often rely heavily on chemicals and produce waste that pollutes the water and air. As a result, the system we’ve designed to feed the planet also takes a serious toll on its health.

Ten Environmental Stories to Mark a Decade in Latin America

Expert BlogInternational, Chile, Mexico, Puerto Rico, BrazilAmanda Maxwell, Carolina Herrera, Jessica Carey-Webb, Marilyn Martinez
The Latin America team at NRDC reflects on the incredible environmental milestones we've witnessed in our work, and beyond.

Big Ag’s Unwinnable Arms Race

Expert BlogDr. Sylvia Fallon
Glyphosate, a toxic herbicide, is under attack. But it’s not enough to develop “better” chemical weapons in our war against crop-killing weeds. We need to rethink our entire battlefield strategy.

The List: Scott Pruitt's Lies & Distortions—So Far

Expert BlogJake Thompson
When EPA Administrator Scott Pruitt appears before a Senate appropriations subcommittee on Wednesday morning, it’s likely his penchant to lie about his ethical problems and mischaracterize his dangerous agenda will be front and center—again.

We Need an Equitable Energy Efficiency Focus in New York

Expert BlogSneha Ayyagari, Pamela Rivera
A robust and sustainable program would increase energy affordability, improve public health, and create jobs for all New Yorkers including environmental and climate justice communities and low and moderate income households.

New WHO Guideline Offers Hope in Curbing Antibiotics

Expert BlogDavid Wallinga, MD
In the battle to keep antibiotics working, the World Health Organization (WHO) came out with new recommendations today for farmers and the food industry: Stop using our most precious antibiotics routinely for promoting growth and preventing disease in healthy animals.