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¿Cuáles son los efectos del cambio climático?

GuideUnited States, InternationalCourtney Lindwall
El rápido calentamiento del planeta representa una amenaza existencial para toda la vida en la Tierra. La gravedad de la situación depende de la rapidez con que actuemos.

NRDC Experts and Events at COP26

OverviewUnited States, International, Canada, IndiaManish Bapna, Sarah Dougherty, Brendan Guy, Carolina Herrera, Sameer Kwatra, Jennifer Skene, Lisa Speer, Anthony Swift, Charlotte Steiner, Jake Schmidt, Douglass Sims
NRDC joins the United Nations global climate talks to hold global warming to 1.5 degrees Celsius, drive commitments to green finance, and promote nature-based solutions.

Unfit to Serve: Remove Trump Now

Expert BlogMitchell Bernard
Donald Trump is in breach of his oath of office. He should be removed from office immediately, to protect the country and safeguard our democracy.

India Calls for Increased Clean Energy Investment

Expert BlogIndiaSameer Kwatra
India, the world’s fourth largest renewable energy market, needs to significantly scale up investment if it has to meet its goals of increasing renewable energy capacity.

"It'll Cost BILLIONS!": Big Oil Peddles Economic Doom

Expert BlogAnn Alexander
Industry’s approach is to count only the purported economic costs of regulation, without counting the economic value of the benefit. The economic benefit of keeping wells out of neighborhoods is only meaningful when presented in the context of the economic…

Massive Support for the Paris Agreement—A Running Tally

Expert BlogHan Chen
Trump wants to withdraw the US from the Paris Agreement. That would be a disaster. Here is a running tally of the thousands of people and organizations that have spoken out in support of the Paris Agreement. It’s already clear…

Shake-Up for the Federal Coal-Leasing Program

ExplainerUnited StatesBrian Palmer
Trump is pushing a fossil fuel–heavy energy agenda, but in the final days of the Obama administration, the Bureau of Land Management left a hurdle in his path.

COP-ping Out

Latest NewsUnited StatesBrian Palmer
What’s it like to attend a climate denial conference for an hour? Here’s a minute-by-minute rundown.

Cambio climático

NRDC is charting a better path forward by strengthening conservation laws, advancing policies that limit industrial impacts on public lands and waters, and working with local and Indigenous partners to create more equitable access to nature and preserve the places…