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Protesting like Your Life Depended on It

PerspectivesUnited StatesBrian Zabcik
A former ACT UP organizer explains how his AIDS activism in New York City—and his upbringing on a Texas farm—helped him become a better environmentalist.

From COVID-19 to Climate: Lessons for Climate Justice

Expert BlogUnited StatesKhalil Shahyd
The COVID-19 pandemic is exposing deep inequalities in race and economic status, and the inadequacy of the nation’s social safety nets. Still, the massive social disruption caused by the pandemic offers important lessons to consider as we craft strategies for…

How to Plan for Equitable Energy Efficiency in a Pandemic

Expert BlogUnited StatesLara Ettenson
As the ongoing pandemic further exacerbates racial and economic disparities across America, it is important to examine whether programs aimed at helping utility customers cut energy waste are reaching everyone.

Commercial Whaling 101

GuideInternationalLauren Evans

Despite an international ban on commercial whaling since 1986, the animals are still being hunted and killed across the world’s oceans, with devastating impacts on global populations.

A Translator for the Climate Crisis, Grief Included

NRDC in ActionNew York City, New York, Birmingham, AlabamaKaren L. Smith-Janssen
Writer, editor, teacher, and podcast host Mary Annaïse Heglar uses the art of storytelling to help people feel less alone in facing the climate crisis—and to build the movement for climate justice.

The Fight to Save Plum Island

DispatchNew YorkNicole Greenfield
The federal government wants to sell off a wildlife-rich island in Long Island Sound to the highest bidder. No way, say advocates.

Making Art and Environmental Activism One and the Same

NRDC in ActionNew York, Illinois, ChicagoNicole Greenfield
Director of art partnerships Elizabeth Corr is the visionary behind NRDC’s artist-in-residence program, its museum collaborations, and its mission to fuse art and advocacy.