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Fossil Industry Extracting From Another Source: Taxpayers

Expert BlogJosh Axelrod
The fossil fuel industry already gets at least $20 billion in subsidies from the U.S. government each year. Now it wants to use the pandemic as an excuse to siphon off more aid that should be going to taxpayers and…

EPA Flunks Science 101 With Its Dirty Water Rule

Expert BlogJon Devine
The Trump administration’s rollback of the Clean Water Act introduces substantial new risks to human and environmental health—and ignores piles of scientific evidence.

La eficiencia energética: la superheroína del planeta

Expert BlogInternationalLara Ettenson
En una era de cambio climático acelerado, cuando estamos presenciando incendios forestales, inundaciones, y tormentas sin precedentes, no existe un mejor momento para recordarle al mundo lo que la eficiencia energética ofrece para contrarrestar el cambio climático.

Oh, Canada…

Latest NewsCanadaBrian Palmer
Meet Timothy Ball, our northerly neighbor’s most prominent climate change denier.