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Forward Progress at COP27 in Egypt and the Path Ahead

Expert BlogInternational, United StatesJake Schmidt, Joe Thwaites, Brendan Guy, Sameer Kwatra, Carolina Herrera, Shruti Shukla, Alvin Lin, Jennifer Skene
Countries leave COP27 showing that they can deliver more equity, implementation, and ambition in the global response to climate change.


Expert BlogInternationalZak Smith, Paul Todd, Elly Pepper

NRDC is on the ground in Panama City, Panama, at the World Wildlife Conference (officially the 19th Conference of the Parties (COP19) to the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora (CITES)). 

The Appropriations Process: What It Means for NRDC

Expert BlogUnited StatesKyle T. Jones
As the annual march toward funding the U.S. government continues for fiscal year 2023, let’s pause to examine the process for how that funding is accomplished, and how it can be used to advance key environmental initiatives.

Hurricanes and Climate Change: Everything You Need to Know

GuideUnited States, InternationalMelissa Denchak

The most widespread, damaging storms on earth are getting worse, and climate change is a big reason why. Here’s a look at what causes hurricanes and how to address the threat of a wetter, windier world.

Biodiversity 101

GuideInternational, United StatesCourtney Lindwall

How do we define and measure biodiversity—and just why is it so important?

Standing Up to Attacks on Democracy

Expert BlogUnited StatesManish Bapna
We know that, much as the strength of democracy has a direct bearing on NRDC’s mission, efforts to undermine it benefit those seeking to block environmental protections.

A Place for Fossils, Not Fuels

Expert BlogUnited StatesAmy Mall, Alison Kelly, Sujatha Bergen

The Biden administration made news this week when it announced it will consider protecting a portion of the Greater Chaco Region in New Mexico from new oil and gas drilling.

New Mexico's Hydrogen Hub Needs Climate Guardrails

Expert BlogNew MexicoNoah Long, Rachel Fakhry, Jacqueline Ennis

New Mexico's hydrogen hub effort must be accompanied by a more comprehensive climate legislation package, which is New Mexico’s best chance to cut emissions and promote long-term economic stability, as well as policy guardrails to mitigate the risks of hydrogen…