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BOEM Hears From the Public on Offshore Drilling

Expert BlogUnited StatesValerie Cleland, Lauren Kubiak
BOEM should listen to the frontline, Indigenous, community, environmental, and business voices and finalize an offshore oil and gas leasing program that schedules no new leases.

Albany Environmental Roundup: 2021 Victories and 2022 Agenda

Expert BlogNew YorkMarisa Guerrero, Rich Schrader

New York State secured several key environmental and public health victories in 2021 -- and that momentum is continuing into 2022, as we push for bills to expand the use of electric vehicles, improve energy efficiency, promote food security, and…

Report: The Oil and Gas Leasing Pause Has Minimal Impact

Expert BlogUnited StatesJosh Axelrod

In a newly released report—commissioned by NRDC in partnership with the Center for Western Priorities and eight other groups—the Conservation Economics Institute (CEI) finds that the temporary moratorium on leasing public lands for oil and gas development has negligible economic…

Fracking 101

GuideTexas, Pennsylvania, New York, California, North Dakota, FloridaMelissa Denchak
Hydraulic fracturing has upended the global energy landscape and made fossil fuels big business in the United States. Mounting evidence shows that it poses serious threats to our health, environment, and climate future. Here’s a look at the fracking boom…

Florida’s Proposed Fracking Ban Incomplete Without Acidizing

Expert BlogAlison Kelly, Briana Mordick
The proposed fracking ban legislation advancing through the Florida House and Senate fall short of protecting Florida’s sensitive natural resources because these bills do not include a ban of a more commonly used well stimulation technique in Florida known as…

California’s Ocean Day: A Call for Healthy Oceans for All

Expert BlogVanessa Villanueva
California's 15th Annual Ocean Day once again served as a testament to what Californians want from their elected officials. The message was clear: Californians demand healthy oceans for all and continued action against federal and corporate threats.

Trump's Moves to Protect Polluters Are Sickening

Expert BlogRhea Suh
From rollbacks on environmental protections to the confirmation of the worst-ever pick to lead the EPA, the new administration and the GOP-led Congress are heading in a direction we all feared.