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¿Cuáles son los efectos del cambio climático?

GuideUnited States, InternationalCourtney Lindwall
El rápido calentamiento del planeta representa una amenaza existencial para toda la vida en la Tierra. La gravedad de la situación depende de la rapidez con que actuemos.

None of Us Moves Forward Unless We All Do

Expert BlogUnited StatesManish Bapna

NRDC’s new president and CEO Manish Bapna is ready to take on the global mission that touches every aspect of our lives: the climate crisis.

Food Work & COVID: Farmworker Solutions for an Unjust System

Expert BlogUnited StatesMarisa Guerrero, Sara Imperiale, Margaret Brown, Sahana Rao

Farmworkers have long dealt with unsafe working and living conditions, low wages and lack of job security, disparate levels of food insecurity, and vulnerable immigration statuses—a dangerous combination of systemic injustices underpinned by racism in the food system. But as…

Columbus Strides Forward on Its Sustainable Steps Program

Expert BlogColumbus, OhioStefan Schaffer
There’s no slowing down Columbus, Ohio, as it continues to stride forward on climate action. On Energy Efficiency Day, October 7, the city celebrated a major achievement: the completion of more than 30,000 home energy audits within just two years.

The Clean Energy Expert Bringing Black Voices to the Table

NRDC in ActionCaliforniaRasheena Fountain
As NRDC’s California state lead for clean energy and equity, Alexis Cureton is working to ensure that communities of color help shape energy policy, both inside and outside of the energy sector.

How to Find Relief During Summer Heat Waves in the City

How-ToUnited StatesCourtney Lindwall

Extreme heat is already a public health threat—now, COVID-19 may make that impact worse. Here are some quick tips and long-term strategies to help keep you and your neighbors cool.

Congress Must Act to Avoid Deepening the Eviction Crisis

Expert BlogKhalil Shahyd
When the COVID-19 pandemic was declared and prompted “shelter-in-place” policies to safeguard public health and slow the spread of infection, many states and localities issued eviction moratoriums to protect renters during the unprecedented and devastating health and economic crisis. But…

Celebrating Inclusive Development: Thai Town Marketplace

Expert BlogChantelle "Ella" Mendonsa
An interview with Chancee Martorell, Executive Director of Thai Community Development Center, on her work with Thai Town Marketplace. Funded in part by SPARCC, it is a model for cultural place-keeping and inclusive development. Driven by her own experience, Chancee…

Michigan Integrated Resource Plan Primer

Expert BlogAriana Gonzalez
Planning is one of the most important exercises you can do to bring any vision or goal to life. That’s why 2016 Michigan energy law kickstarted a cycle of required long-term energy planning for utilities like Consumers and DTE called…