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California Keeps Climate Action Alive

Expert BlogAnnie Notthoff
Just as Earth Day turned 50 this year, so does NRDC. Here in California, we have come full circle. From the past—the 1969 Santa Barbara oil spill spurred the modern-day environmental movement, and to the future—California’s climate, equity, environmental and…

California Puts Buildings in Energy Policy Spotlight

Expert BlogPierre Delforge
California took another pioneering step in tackling carbon emissions from millions of homes and commercial buildings across the state today. The California Energy Commission's latest policy report puts reducing the climate and air pollution from buildings front and center for…

A 5-Step Roadmap to Zero-Emissions Buildings in CA

Expert BlogPierre Delforge
California has laid a strong foundation for energy efficiency in new buildings. Now the state needs to figure out how to help the entire building sector meet a carbon-neutral future by 2045. A new report offers a five-point path forward…

NY Begins Exploring Pricing Carbon in its Electricity Market

Expert BlogJackson Morris
Imagine what would happen if the utilities buying the electricity to power our homes and businesses had to pay more for it depending on how much carbon pollution the power plants supplying the power pumped into the atmosphere.