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Women’s Safety Means Earth’s Safety

Expert BlogJessica Carey-Webb, Marilyn Martinez
In Latin America, despite consistent threats of violence and widening gender inequality due to climate disasters, women have taken a leadership role. This International Women’s Day (March 8th), women will take to the streets in historically machista countries to fight…

A Year in the Environment in Latin America Through Images

Expert BlogErika Moyer
Images that represent significant changes for Latin American society and nature in 2018. We hope these images mark a turning point, offering a moment of reflection on where we are and what we can aspire towards in the coming year…

Where Is the Assistance for Those Hit by Hurricane Maria?

Expert BlogRob Moore, Adrianna Quintero
NRDC is calling on the President and Congress to respond to the needs of the 3.5 million citizens of our country who require the rest of the nation’s assistance. This call to action is made with recognition of the peril…

NRDC Report: Latinos Are Especially Hard-hit by Climate Change

Press Release
WASHINGTON – The nation’s 56 million Latinos are especially vulnerable to the health threats posed by climate change because of where they live, work and lack access to health care, a report released today by the Natural Resources Defense Council…