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The Case for Impeachment

Expert BlogMitchell Bernard
Donald Trump threw a spear at the heart of our democracy. Now the Senate must hold him to account.

NRDC and Partners Go to Court on EPA's Methane Surrender

Expert BlogDavid Doniger
As enormous fires engulf the West and hurricanes pummel the South, we're taking Trump's EPA to court to stop the agency from rolling back standards to keep the oil and gas industry from leaking millions of tons of methane from…

A Translator for the Climate Crisis, Grief Included

NRDC in ActionNew York City, New York, Birmingham, AlabamaKaren L. Smith-Janssen
Writer, editor, teacher, and podcast host Mary Annaïse Heglar uses the art of storytelling to help people feel less alone in facing the climate crisis—and to build the movement for climate justice.

Dueling Federal Power Plant Bailouts: A Consumer’s Nightmare

Expert BlogMiles Farmer
The Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC, the nation’s grid regulator) and the Trump administration are working on bailouts for different types of power plants that could end up acting at cross-purposes with one another, creating a nightmare for energy customers…

Canada at the Crossroads

Expert BlogAnthony Swift
Will Prime Minister Justin Trudeau live up to his early promise as an international environmental leader? Or will he and his government revert to business as usual?

Electric Grid Resilience and FERC: What Happens Next?

Expert BlogJohn Moore
On March 9, the nation’s regional grid operators are poised to tell their regulator—the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC)—what they are doing about grid “resilience” and what, if anything, FERC should do about it.

DOE Plan to Prop Up Coal and Nuclear Gets Little Support

Expert BlogMiles Farmer
The clock is ticking for the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC), the agency in charge of national electricity markets, to make a decision on a rushed proposal from the Trump-run Department of Energy (DOE) to massively subsidize underperforming coal and…

Still No Approved Route for KXL in Nebraska

ExplainerUnited States, NebraskaBrian Palmer
Yes, Trump has green-lighted the controversial Keystone XL pipeline. But Nebraska’s got a slew of public hearings on the calendar, and legal challenges loom large.