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NRDC and Partners Go to Court on EPA's Methane Surrender

Expert BlogDavid Doniger
As enormous fires engulf the West and hurricanes pummel the South, we're taking Trump's EPA to court to stop the agency from rolling back standards to keep the oil and gas industry from leaking millions of tons of methane from…

Indigenous Land Rights as a Climate Solution

Expert BlogJennifer Skene
In Canada’s boreal forest, which is particularly carbon-rich, promoting Indigenous-led protection is not only necessary to safeguard communities’ ways of life, but to prevent potentially devastating global climate impacts.

Interior Secretary Zinke's Assault on America's Public Lands

Expert BlogTheo Spencer
Most people also probably aren’t aware that President Trump and Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke are in the midst of an unprecedented assault on these public resources in what appears to be a vast giveaway to select group of dirty energy…

Report Shows Logging Threatens Quebec’s Boreal Forest

Expert BlogAnthony Swift
Global Forest Watch Canada (GFWC) has released a report that highlights the growing threat of logging and road building to one of Quebec’s largest and last remaining intact forest landscapes—the Broadback River watershed.