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Keystone XL Pipeline Lawsuits

Court CaseNebraska, South Dakota, MontanaActive
The massive pipeline threatened our climate and public health—and the government’s approvals violated environmental laws. So we went to court.

Biden's Rejection of Keystone XL Signals a New Era

Expert BlogAnthony Swift
The Biden-Harris administration’s decision to reject the Keystone XL tar sands pipeline on its first day turns the page on a 12-year fight over the energy future of our country and sets the stage for a more prosperous future powered…

Federal Court Halts Trump Attempt to Fast-track Keystone XL

Expert BlogAnthony Swift
A federal court in Montana has revoked a key permit and TC Energy’s approvals to construct Keystone XL through approximately 700 water crossings in the United States along the tar sands pipeline’s route, upending the company's plans to construct the…

The Desire to Stop Canadian Tar Sands Transcends Borders

NRDC in ActionAlberta, Canada, Nebraska, Chicago, IllinoisNicole Greenfield
For more than a decade, NRDC has worked with indigenous communities in Alberta, U.S.-based grassroots groups, and intergovernmental bodies to halt the expansion of dirty tar sands oil.

S.D. Tar Sands Oil Spill: Bad Omen for Keystone XL Safety

Expert BlogJosh Axelrod
Regulator's initial review of the Keystone pipeline tar sands oil spill reveals major concerns about construction techniques and the risk of future failures for both the Keystone pipeline and its, bigger, more dangerous twin, the proposed Keystone XL tar sands…