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NRDC Experts and Events at COP27

OverviewInternational, Canada, India, United StatesManish Bapna, Amanda Maxwell, Brendan Guy, Carolina Herrera, Joe Thwaites, Shruti Shukla, Sameer Kwatra, Anthony Swift, Khalil Shahyd, Lisa Speer, Jennifer Skene, Nan Zeng, Jake Schmidt, Douglass Sims, Marissa Ramirez, Prima Madan
Analysis and events focusing on the concrete steps we need to cut global emissions in half in this decisive decade, and to adapt to the mounting climate change impacts we can no longer avoid.

NRDC Experts and Events at COP26

OverviewUnited States, International, Canada, IndiaManish Bapna, Sarah Dougherty, Brendan Guy, Carolina Herrera, Sameer Kwatra, Jennifer Skene, Lisa Speer, Anthony Swift, Charlotte Steiner, Jake Schmidt, Douglass Sims
NRDC joins the United Nations global climate talks to hold global warming to 1.5 degrees Celsius, drive commitments to green finance, and promote nature-based solutions.

Every Offshore Drilling Disaster Started with a Lease Sale

Expert BlogUnited StatesLauren Kubiak, Valerie Cleland

The Biden Administration recently began to move forward with an offshore lease sale that will hand millions of acres of public ocean over to the oil and gas industry, allowing them to make investments that will lock in our use…

Corporate Takeover Adds to Urgency for Protections in Boreal

Expert BlogCanadaCourtenay Lewis

Paper Excellence’s announced acquisition of Domtar spells trouble for Canada’s boreal forest, and adds to a myriad of reasons why governments and companies need to prioritize safeguarding the boreal’s carbon-rich forests, biodiversity and Indigenous rights.

400-Million-Year-Old Creatures on the Brink of Extinction

Expert BlogElizabeth Murdock
Scientists took a close look at how oceanic sharks and rays are faring globally and found that these species have declined by over 70% in the last 50 years, due to a massive, 18-fold increase in fishing pressure on these…

A Translator for the Climate Crisis, Grief Included

NRDC in ActionNew York City, New York, Birmingham, AlabamaKaren L. Smith-Janssen
Writer, editor, teacher, and podcast host Mary Annaïse Heglar uses the art of storytelling to help people feel less alone in facing the climate crisis—and to build the movement for climate justice.

The Time Is Now to Stand with Clean Energy Workers

Expert BlogUnited StatesLara Ettenson
All sectors of the U.S. economy have been pummeled by the COVID-19 pandemic, making it critical to support all those whose jobs have been affected, such as by including worker protections in federal stimulus packages.

During Climate Week, Companies Must Focus on Canada’s Boreal

Expert BlogInternational, United States, CanadaShelley Vinyard

We must do more to protect intact forests like Canada's boreal for the sake of the climate. Join NRDC for a panel discussion on September 24th in NYC about how U.S. demand for toilet paper and other throwaway tissue products…

IPCC Climate Report: Time to Rethink How We Use Forests

Expert BlogInternational, CanadaAnthony Swift, Jennifer Skene

The IPCC Special Report on Lands and Climate highlights the central role global intact forests must place in preventing catastrophic climate change and highlights the need to transform how we use our forests. As a starting place, we must stop…