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Taking the High Ambition Road to Glasgow

Expert BlogBrendan Guy
President Biden's early actions breathe new energy into the global race to achieve net zero emissions. But leaders from all key countries need to step up ambition further by COP 26 to keep the possibility of holding global warming to…

The Consumers Energy IRP and the Future We Want for Michigan

Expert BlogMichiganSamantha Williams, Gabrielle Habeeb
Consumers Energy has an important regulatory filing coming up that is going to impact every single person living in Michigan. In the coming months, the utility will file their next long-term energy plan—known as an Integrated Resource Plan or “IRP”.

COVID-19 Hot Spots Put Meatpacker Giants on the Front Burner

Expert BlogDavid Wallinga, MD
Last month Minnesota Congressman Collin Peterson told a local TV station that, "COVID-19 in Nobles County (MN) is the equivalent of New York City per capita." Peterson, the Chair of the House Agriculture Committee, would be only half right today…

A Translator for the Climate Crisis, Grief Included

NRDC in ActionNew York City, New York, Birmingham, AlabamaKaren L. Smith-Janssen
Writer, editor, teacher, and podcast host Mary Annaïse Heglar uses the art of storytelling to help people feel less alone in facing the climate crisis—and to build the movement for climate justice.

How Can I Wash My Hands Without Water!?

Expert BlogDaniel Sawmiller
Governor DeWine has been leading the U.S. with his response to the coronavirus pandemic. But there are additional steps that Ohio should be taking to protect water access for vulnerable Ohioans.

What Side of History Will Procter & Gamble Be On?

Expert BlogInternationalShelley Vinyard
Procter & Gamble should take responsibility of the impact its tissue products have on our planet and climate-critical forests like the Canadian boreal.

Five Years In, Flint’s Water Crisis Isn’t Over

Expert BlogSarah Tallman
Rev. Allen Overton and Melissa Mays, co-plaintiffs in the lawsuit that led to the ongoing replacement of Flint’s lead pipes, describe lessons learned—and a community that’s determined to better its future.

The Desire to Stop Canadian Tar Sands Transcends Borders

NRDC in ActionAlberta, Canada, Nebraska, Chicago, IllinoisNicole Greenfield
For more than a decade, NRDC has worked with indigenous communities in Alberta, U.S.-based grassroots groups, and intergovernmental bodies to halt the expansion of dirty tar sands oil.