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President Biden's Bold Plan to Build a Clean Electric Grid

Expert BlogYvonne McIntyre, Grant Carlisle, Jackie Wong
President Biden has laid out a bold vision for mobilizing our workforce and rebuilding our infrastructure to create a stronger and more resilient economy. Here we highlight three pieces of the American Jobs Plan that will help achieve what President…

American Jobs Plan Would Invest In Cleaning Up US Industry

Expert BlogSasha Stashwick, Arjun Krishnaswami, Ben Longstreth
President Biden’s historic American Jobs Plan elevates climate progress in the industrial sector as a key driver of economic development—not just keeping jobs, but bringing manufacturing home. The plan promises to revitalize American manufacturing, invest in R&D to build next…

Looking Ahead to 2021: U.S. Utilities Move to Decarbonize

Expert BlogUnited StatesRalph Cavanagh
The past year added telling illustrations of how crucial energy efficiency and other approaches to smart energy use will be in phasing out U.S. carbon emissions, known as “decarbonization.”

Pepco Advances Climate Action in DC

Expert BlogWashington, D.C.Ben Longstreth
Local energy distribution companies like Pepco are critical to helping their customers reduce pollution and save money by supporting energy efficiency measures for their homes and businesses, helping customers switch to electric vehicles, and promoting electric space and water heating.

Translating Joe Biden's Climate Vision into Action

OverviewUnited StatesJosh Axelrod, David Doniger, Brendan Guy, Allison Johnson, Gina McCarthy, Bobby McEnaney, Claire O'Connor, Erik D. Olson, Dr. Khalil Shahyd, Ann Shikany, Dr. Lisa Suatoni, Anthony Swift, Lauren Urbanek, Mae Wu, Ben Longstreth, Luke Tonachel, Melissa Lin Perrella
NRDC experts take a deep dive into President-elect Joe Biden’s key plans to address climate change—the strongest national climate agenda ever laid out by a U.S. president-elect.

Cómo el presidente Biden puede limpiar el sector eléctrico

Expert BlogUnited StatesDavid Doniger, Ben Longstreth
El presidente electo Biden presentó los compromisos climáticos más audaces que cualquier otro presidente haya presentado jamás. El definió la crisis climática como una de las cuatro “grandes batallas de nuestro tiempo”, junto con la pandemia, la recuperación económica y…

Three Key Takeaways from House Climate Crisis Action Plan

Expert BlogUnited StatesRoland Hwang
The House of Representatives’ Special Select Committee on the Climate Crisis has finally released its long-awaited plan to tackle the climate crisis. It’s a 547-page roadmap for an “all hands-on deck” approach to putting the U.S. on a path to…