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Visionary Investments Could Advance Climate & Equity in Ag

Expert BlogUnited StatesAllison Johnson, Matthew Kaplan

Congress is preparing to consider a historic $135 billion investment in agriculture to fight climate change and deliver resources to farmers and families in need of support, and we need this bold investment now.

Building Back Better—From the Ground Up

Expert BlogUnited StatesArohi Sharma
Carbon and water storage? Nutrient transportation and communication pathways? Homes for biodiversity? All these services make soil health critical to an economically resilient food system, and we need to invest in rebuilding this precious natural resource.

Regenerative Agriculture Part 4: The Benefits

Expert BlogUnited StatesArohi Sharma, Lara Bryant, Ellen Lee, Claire O'Connor
The regenerative agriculture movement is reviving an Indigenous approach to agriculture and flipping the narrative to show how agriculture can help restore ecologies, fight climate change, rebuild relationships, spark economic development, and bring people—consumers AND farmers and ranchers—joy.

Regenerative Agriculture Part 1: The Philosophy

Expert BlogUnited StatesLara Bryant, Claire O'Connor, Ellen Lee, Arohi Sharma
The climate dread was quickly replaced with hope and joy as we learned from Indigenous stewards, Black and Brown farmers, and growers of all shapes, sizes, and in all geographies about how agriculture, and the soil under our feet, can…

Ag Policy Must Value Independent Farmers Over Corporate Ag

Expert BlogArohi Sharma
When it comes to American Agriculture, “Who do we want to advantage?” The answer’s easy in my mind—I think farmers should benefit. While agricultural policies in the United States started out supporting America’s small business entrepreneurs, they are no longer…