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Regenerative Agriculture Part 4: The Benefits

Expert BlogUnited StatesArohi Sharma, Lara Bryant, Ellen Lee, Claire O'Connor
The regenerative agriculture movement is reviving an Indigenous approach to agriculture and flipping the narrative to show how agriculture can help restore ecologies, fight climate change, rebuild relationships, spark economic development, and bring people—consumers AND farmers and ranchers—joy.

Regenerative Agriculture Part 3: The Practices

Expert BlogUnited StatesArohi Sharma, Lara Bryant, Ellen Lee, Claire O'Connor
One size does not fit all with regenerative agriculture. Ergo, policy must support and grow the enabling environments and the multifaceted tools—the on-farm, financial, management, and social tools—that make regenerative farms and ranches successful.

Regenerative Agriculture Part 2: The Principles

Expert BlogUnited StatesLara Bryant, Ellen Lee, Claire O'Connor, Arohi Sharma
In describing what regenerative agriculture means to them and how they embrace the philosophy on their operations, our 100+ regenerative grower interviewees shared a handful of principles that underpin their approach to farming and ranching.

Water Webinars 2020: Sharing Experiences Across the Americas

OverviewChile, Mexico, United States, CaliforniaAmanda Maxwell, Ed Osann, Tracy Quinn, Corinne Bell, Becky Hammer, Claire O'Connor, Joan Leary Matthews
NRDC and local partners are organizing a series of webinars about ensuring that more people and ecosystems are able to access clean water.

House Report: Food & Ag Can Help Solve Climate Crisis

Expert BlogUnited StatesAllison Johnson, Lara Bryant, Darby Hoover
Now is the time to be bold with our action plans and building sustainable systems that support our communities and food systems that protect our climate. Given that food production and agriculture are major contributors to climate change, so, too…

Sheep (and Soil Scientists) Juice Up the Solar Farm

DispatchGeorgia, North Carolina, EastRobynne Boyd
Solar farmers get a hand from regenerative agriculture experts to feed the soil under their arrays—another powerful tool to help fight climate change.

Historic Dead Zone Follows Bad Year for Midwestern Farmers

Expert BlogClaire O'Connor
Midwestern farmers have had a tough go of it this year. A deluge of precipitation across the region has made it impossible for many farmers to get in the field and plant their crops, leading to historically low percentages of…

Illinois Funds Fall Cover for Spring Savings Program

Expert BlogLara Bryant
NRDC has been collaborating with local partners in different states to encourage crop insurance pilot programs. Our partners in Illinois put a lot of hard work into advocating for this program & ensuring that farmers have this additional incentive to…

Farmers on the Frontlines of Looming Biodiversity Crisis

Expert BlogClaire O'Connor
A recent report from an international group of experts called IPBES describes how our choices—what we eat, how we live, and what we value—are reshaping the planet we call home. Unfortunately, our choices are making our planet inhospitable for life.