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A Billion Dollar Milestone for the Western Grid

Expert BlogWestRalph Cavanagh
Everyone who is part of the giant 14-state western power grid just learned of a $1 billion reduction in their utility bills, courtesy of a regional initiative called the Energy Imbalance Market (EIM).

Cheapest AND Cleanest: Renewables Are Winning

Expert BlogNathanael Greene
As 2018 closes, it’s now safe to say that clean renewable energy is at an inflection point. Cost is no longer the biggest challenge to greater adoption of wind and solar; it is now the rules of the power markets…

How Not to Waste Clean Energy: New Support for CA’s AB 813

Expert BlogRalph Cavanagh
Important new evidence just surfaced about a growing problem that burdens California’s clean energy transition: we are quite literally throwing away increasing amounts of clean energy, enough during some months to power more than 100,000 households with pollution-free electricity. Fortunately…

A Regional Grid Will Help Us Deal with Western Heatwaves

Expert BlogCarl Zichella
Heatwaves this time of year are not unusual. But the heat pummeling the Western U.S. is now part of a recognized trend in which they occur more often, last longer, and contribute to a range of impacts—including wildfires and terrible…