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Cheers to 2019 Energy Efficiency Progress with More in 2020!

Expert BlogLara Ettenson
Reflecting on 2019, it is hard to grapple with the extent of this year’s climate tragedies like massive wildfires and flooding. Yet even when things seem as dire as ever, there is continual news of progress, perseverance, and hope. And…

Ohio’s Grand Bargain on Energy Policy

Expert BlogDaniel Sawmiller
A stand-alone nuclear bailout bill would presumably have little support—and indeed, would not count NRDC amongst its supporters—but is an energy grand bargain in the works for Ohio?

Customer Bills and Clean Energy at Stake in PJM Market

Expert BlogMiles Farmer
NRDC and the Sustainable FERC Project, together with a coalition of clean energy and consumer advocates, are pressing the nation’s grid regulator, the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC), to protect consumers from billions in extra charges, and respect states’ rights…

Clean Energy Groups Urge FERC to Reconsider PJM Order

Expert BlogMiles Farmer
A coalition of clean energy organizations is strongly pushing back on a recent move by the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) that frustrates state climate action in the Eastern United States and threatens to raise prices for consumers across the…

NJ Keep It Rollin’: Adopt a Strong RGGI Cap, Gov. Murphy

Expert BlogBruce Ho
Governor Murphy has another major opportunity to tackle climate change by adopting a strong carbon pollution limit—capping New Jersey’s power plant CO2 emissions at between 12 and 13 million tons in 2020—as the state reenters the Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative.

Catapulting New Jersey Into the Clean Energy Future

Expert BlogDale Bryk
After years watching Governor Christie's administration pander to the fossil fuel industry, New Jersey will finally enjoy a policy designed to drive investment in energy efficiency, solar, and wind power.

NJ Nuclear Issue: Assembly Speaker Bests Chris Christie

Expert BlogDale Bryk
In a startling turn of events, Assembly Speaker Vincent Prieto just refused to advance a rushed bill that would have subsidized currently thriving New Jersey nuclear plants indefinitely, to the tune of $300 million-a-year.

Christie’s Last-Minute Nuclear Bailout Plans for New Jersey

Expert BlogDale Bryk
In the latest move to ram through a multibillion-dollar subsidy package for the state’s (currently thriving) nuclear plants, outgoing Governor Chris Christie is signaling that he won’t consider legislation that includes provisions to protect taxpayers and preserve New Jersey’s ability…

RGGI’s Year-end Review: Climate Progress with More to Come

Expert BlogJackson Morris
In 2016, the states that make up the Northeast's and Mid-Atlantic's Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative not only continued to cut carbon pollution, they also made great strides in clean energy and modeled new ways to improve this pioneering program that…

State Clean Energy Policies Make Stronger RGGI a No-Brainer

Expert BlogJackson Morris
The pioneering Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative has dramatically cut carbon pollution, saved consumers hundreds of millions of dollars on energy, and created tens of thousands of new jobs. Now, as the RGGI states chart a course for post-2020, complementary clean…