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A Growing Push Against Expanding Fossil Fuel Production

Expert BlogDanielle Droitsch
NRDC joins citizens and major institutions around the world in calling for an urgent but stepwise approach for transitioning off fossil fuel sources and avoiding the lock-in of expensive long-term fossil fuel infrastructure investments that would take our long-term commitment…

NAFTA to Canada: Face the Facts on Tar Sands Tailings Ponds

Expert BlogJames Blair
NAFTA’s Commission for Environmental Cooperation (CEC) has now determined that Canada is missing key facts to support its weak response to our petition, which urged investigation into the lack of enforcement of the country’s Fisheries Act. For years, Canada has…

An Agency Hijacked: Public Lands and Waters at Risk

Expert BlogDanielle Droitsch
Interior Department Secretary Ryan Zinke often invokes the image of a modern day Teddy Roosevelt, but TR would be appalled by the polluter-driven, anti-conservation agenda Zinke is dictating.

Trump’s Keystone XL pipe dream comes true

Trump Watch
The State Department has officially issued a permit authorizing construction for KXL, which will contribute to climate change, destroy Canada’s boreal forests, injure the region’s First Nations, and see property snatched from America’s heartland.