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Targeting Net-Zero Emissions

Expert BlogInternationalDr. David B. Goldstein
A new standard from the International Organization for Standardization (ISO)—a document called ISO/PAS 50010—explains how.

Progress Toward a Carbon Emission Standard

Expert BlogUnited StatesDr. David B. Goldstein

Buildings are a major cause of greenhouse gas emissions. But until now there has not been a standard to measure and manage emission reductions. RESNET has issued a new standard to measure a building’s emissions accurately. The standard accounts for…

Help Decarbonize New Buildings

Expert BlogUnited StatesDr. David B. Goldstein
Building energy codes are one of the best ways to reduce carbon emissions. And for the first time, the public has an opportunity to comment on the code and help to make it more demanding. This blog tells you how.

What Is Congestion Pricing?

ExplainerUnited States, New York City
Fees charged for driving on busy city roads reduce greenhouse gas emissions and improve air quality while also generating sorely needed funding for the transit systems that many people rely on for their daily commutes.

A New Tool for Measuring Decarbonization

Expert BlogUnited StatesDr. David B. Goldstein
The RESNET CO2 Index can allow government and utilities to set targets for carbon emissions reductions in homes based on site-specific metrics for carbon. Homeowners can also use this information to lower their carbon footprint.

NYC Must Enact a Universal Food Waste Composting Law

Expert BlogNew York CityEric A. Goldstein
One of the top environmental challenges for Mayor Eric Adams and the City Council is to establish a sensible program for collecting and sustainably disposing of household organics—food scraps, yard waste, and food soiled paper.

Albany Environmental Roundup: 2021 Victories and 2022 Agenda

Expert BlogNew YorkMarisa Guerrero, Rich Schrader

New York State secured several key environmental and public health victories in 2021 -- and that momentum is continuing into 2022, as we push for bills to expand the use of electric vehicles, improve energy efficiency, promote food security, and…