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Running on Empty: Is California Doing Enough on Drought?

Expert BlogCaliforniaTracy Quinn
Pacific Institute’s report, Untapped Potential, shows communities are using less water, even with an increase in population. The report also shows that we still have significant opportunities to continue to improve water efficiency and develop cost-effective supplies.

Who (and What) Are Excluded from Backroom Bay-Delta "Deal"

Expert BlogCaliforniaDoug Obegi
The State’s recent announcement of a proposed voluntary agreement for the Bay-Delta watershed is the result of an illegitimate, exclusionary backroom negotiation that fails to protect the health of the estuary, its native fish and wildlife, and the jobs and…

CA Must Act Now to Adapt to Hotter, Drier Climate

Expert BlogCaliforniaTracy Quinn

We shouldn't wait until our rivers and reservoirs run dry before we start to conserve; we need to save every drop possible now so it will be available to us later.

DWR Is Suing Everyone for a Blank Check for a Delta Tunnel

Expert BlogDoug Obegi
In the middle of a pandemic, an economic recession, and everything else that 2020 is throwing at us, in early August the California Department of Water Resources (DWR) filed a lawsuit against every Californian to authorize spending an unlimited amount…