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Bay-Delta VA: A Sweetheart Deal to Subsidize Agribusiness

Expert BlogCaliforniaDoug Obegi
It’s not surprising, given who was in the room negotiating this backroom deal, that the VAs are a sweetheart deal that would subsidize the mitigation obligations of the state’s largest irrigation districts and industrial agribusinesses, undermining the Public Trust.

Raising Shasta Dam Is an Even Worse Idea Than We Knew

Expert BlogCaliforniaDoug Obegi
The Trump Administration’s efforts to enlarge Shasta Dam was always a bad idea. In addition to being illegal under California law, it’s been clear for years that raising the height of the dam would destroy Native American sacred sites, harm…

Don't Let the State Kill the SWRCB's Bay-Delta Plan

Expert BlogDoug Obegi
After 10 years and multiple rounds of public hearings, the State Water Resources Control Board announced yesterday that it would postpone voting on whether to adopt new flow and water quality standards for the lower San Joaquin River and the…