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EPA “Action” on Toxic Chemicals: Thanks, but No Thanks

Expert BlogDaniel Rosenberg
EPA continues to use administrative stalling tactics to avoid taking real action to protect the public from the whole class of Teflon "forever" PFAS chemicals and the acutely toxic methylene chloride.

Protecting the Safety Net for New Chemicals Under TSCA

Expert BlogDaniel Rosenberg
NRDC has withdrawn its lawsuit challenging EPA's illegal "Framework" for reviewing new chemicals under the Toxic Substances Control Act (TSCA) after the Agency declared that it had never actually used the Framework to review the safety of new chemicals, and…

Chemical Industry Takeover of EPA Toxics Office: NYT Report

Expert BlogDaniel Rosenberg
EPA oversight and regulation of toxic chemicals has slackened since Nancy Beck, a recent chemical industry executive, took charge, and the New York Times has amassed alarming evidence of this in a story by Eric Lipton.

CPSC Poised to Ban Toxic Phthalates in Toys, Kid’s Products

Expert BlogDaniel Rosenberg
When the CPSC votes to finalize the proposed ban on a handful of phthalates from toys and child care articles, it will be an important advance in efforts to protect children from toxic chemicals in their homes, as well as…