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Vote “Yes” on Nevada Question 6

Expert BlogNevadaDylan Sullivan
Whether we vote by mail, early, or in-person on Election Day, Nevadans have a lot to consider this fall.

Western Leadership in Clean Energy

Expert BlogUnited StatesChristina Chen
While much work remains to be done in the transition to a low-carbon grid, several western states are poised to zero out their emissions ahead of the rest.

Bioenergy 101

GuideInternational, United StatesCourtney Lindwall

Some people tout bioenergy as a solution to our climate crisis. But take a closer look, and this plant and animal power doesn’t actually live up to its promise.

Fracking 101

GuideTexas, Pennsylvania, New York, California, North Dakota, FloridaMelissa Denchak
Hydraulic fracturing has upended the global energy landscape and made fossil fuels big business in the United States. Mounting evidence shows that it poses serious threats to our health, environment, and climate future. Here’s a look at the fracking boom…

CPP Repeal Would Burden Families with Cost of Dirty Energy

Expert BlogKhalil Shahyd
Some of the most significant benefits of the Clean Power Plan, which the Trump Administration is now proposing to repeal, are to low-income Americans—those most likely to suffer most from climate change.

AB 206 Would Secure Gov. Sandoval's Clean Energy Legacy

Expert BlogDylan Sullivan
In signing Assembly Bill 206, Governor Sandoval would join the American cities and states that are making big clean energy commitments in a time of unprecedented attacks and uncertainty at the Federal level.