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Targeting Net-Zero Emissions

Expert BlogInternationalDr. David B. Goldstein
A new standard from the International Organization for Standardization (ISO)—a document called ISO/PAS 50010—explains how.

Help Decarbonize New Buildings

Expert BlogUnited StatesDr. David B. Goldstein
Building energy codes are one of the best ways to reduce carbon emissions. And for the first time, the public has an opportunity to comment on the code and help to make it more demanding. This blog tells you how.

An Energy Efficiency Needle in the Relief Bill Haystack

Expert BlogDr. David B. Goldstein
A critical tool for cutting greenhouse gas emissions is buried in the massive “Consolidated Appropriations Act, 2021’’: a provision that offers permanent tax incentives for highly energy-efficient commercial buildings. This incentive can accelerate efforts to transform the buildings sector from…

A Ladder of Ambition for Zero Net Energy (ZNE) Buildings

Expert BlogDr. David B. Goldstein
Zero Net Energy embraces several related but distinct goals. This blog identifies four levels of increasing ambition, like rungs on a ladder and suggests that Strategic Energy Management can be the process for moving up the ladder over time.

COVID-19 and Climate Change: Creating the Political Will

Expert BlogDr. David B. Goldstein
The global response to the COVID-19 crisis has shown that strong policy actions that seemed infeasible months ago were in fact implemented across the globe to avert disaster. This indicates that our governments (and businesses and other organizations) could take…

Energy Efficiency: The Planet’s Superhero

Expert BlogInternationalLara Ettenson
The fourth annual Energy Efficiency Day planned Wednesday reminds us energy efficiency is the cheapest, fastest answer to fighting climate problems.

Setting the Standard for Climate-Protective Homes

Expert BlogDr. David B. Goldstein
A new energy standard for homes can save an additional 20 percent compared to the current model that advanced jurisdictions are adopting. If your city or state wants to be greener, they should consider ASHRAE Standard 90.2-2018

Are You In? Register to Vote on the Energy Code TODAY!

Expert BlogLauren Urbanek
Do you work for a state or local government? If so, you have a voice in what our next energy code looks like – but only if you register as a member of the International Code Council by Friday, March…

Energy Efficiency: The Extreme-Weather-Resilient Resource

Expert BlogDr. David B. Goldstein
There’s one energy resources that is 100 percent reliable and performs better when the weather turns bitter: energy efficiency. The more extreme the weather, the larger the savings from efficiency.