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No Need to be Freightened of Electric Trucks

Expert BlogUnited States, California, Oregon, Massachusetts, Washington, New JerseyJordan Brinn, Patricio Portillo
We clarify the questions about electric truck availability, cost, and charging infrastructure, as well as concerns such as current supply chain issues.

Congress Should Reform Energy Tax Credits

Expert BlogArjun Krishnaswami, Sam Krasnow, Dan West
Congress squandered an opportunity to pass a clean energy tax incentive package at the end of 2019, setting back clean energy progress. Lawmakers must promptly extend the credits left out of last month’s bill and develop a long-term solution that…

DOE's Process Rule: More Harm Than Good

Expert BlogLauren Urbanek
It will soon be more difficult and cumbersome to set strong standards for the appliances and electronics in our homes and businesses, if the Trump administration’s Department of Energy has their way.

The Year in Energy Savings, 2018

Expert BlogLauren Urbanek
Remarkable progress has been made to decrease the energy intensity of our appliances, equipment, and buildings, and we aren't stopping in 2019.

Budget Games Threaten Clean Energy and Efficiency Gains

Expert BlogElizabeth Noll
Hot on the heels of a State of the Union address that claimed to “end the war on American energy” but ignored the booming clean energy industry, a leaked budget proposal from the Trump administration suggests that federal funding for…

State of Clean Energy Is Strong

Expert BlogElizabeth Noll, Derek Murrow
We don’t have to choose anymore—clean energy wins. Investing in clean energy creates millions of jobs today across the country for people of all different skill sets and education levels, protects the health of children, and counters the real effects…

Clean Energy Jobs vs. Tax Cuts for the Rich

Expert BlogElizabeth Noll
If Congress wants to support a strong American workforce and boost the economy, federal clean energy and vehicle tax incentives are the way to go—consumer savings, and a cleaner, healthier environment will follow for red and blue states alike.

Cutting Emissions in Buildings Is Critical to Climate Fight

Expert BlogPierre Delforge
Reducing pollution from direct use of fossil fuels in buildings—such as burning natural gas, propane, and fuel oil in furnaces and water heaters—is critical to helping us stave off dangerous climate change and cut harmful pollution. So finds a groundbreaking…