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The Climate Crisis Requires That We Move Away from Gas

Expert BlogSheryl Carter, Bobby McEnaney
Natural (or “fossil”) gas, so long thought of by many as a bridge fuel to a clean energy future, needs to be replaced as fast as possible with cleaner, no-emissions solutions, given the climate crisis facing us.

DOE's Process Rule: More Harm Than Good

Expert BlogLauren Urbanek
It will soon be more difficult and cumbersome to set strong standards for the appliances and electronics in our homes and businesses, if the Trump administration’s Department of Energy has their way.

The Year in Energy Savings, 2018

Expert BlogLauren Urbanek
Remarkable progress has been made to decrease the energy intensity of our appliances, equipment, and buildings, and we aren't stopping in 2019.

Energy Efficiency: Even More Jobs for More Americans

Expert BlogLara Ettenson
Once again, a new report shows the clean energy workforce is leading the way in job growth across the nation. Energy efficiency employs 2.25 million workers across nearly every U.S. county, making it the top employer and biggest job creator…

Congress Rejects Trump’s Dismantling of Clean Energy Funding

Expert BlogElizabeth Noll, Arjun Krishnaswami
Congress passed a spending bill to fund the government for the remainder of fiscal year 2018 that includes robust funding for clean energy innovation—and most importantly, it clears the way for the Department of Energy (DOE) to carry out an…

Court: Trump Administration Illegally Delayed 4 Efficiency Standards

Press Release
SAN FRANCISCO — A federal judge today ruled the Trump administration illegally stalled four energy efficiency standards that could save U.S. households and businesses at least $8 billion, agreeing with the Natural Resources Defense Council, other public interest groups, 11…

State of Clean Energy Is Strong

Expert BlogElizabeth Noll, Derek Murrow
We don’t have to choose anymore—clean energy wins. Investing in clean energy creates millions of jobs today across the country for people of all different skill sets and education levels, protects the health of children, and counters the real effects…

State Lawmakers Support Strong Federal Efficiency Standards

Expert BlogKit Kennedy
Federal energy efficiency standards help us heat, light and cool our homes; run our businesses; and use more electronic devices while also lowering our energy bills and slashing greenhouse gas and other forms of air pollution.