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Biodiversity 101

GuideInternational, United StatesCourtney Lindwall

How do we define and measure biodiversity—and just why is it so important?

What Does the Glasgow Declaration Mean for Biomass?

Expert BlogInternationalElly Pepper

In a key moment at COP26, over one hundred countries signed the Glasgow Declaration at COP26, which aims to halt and reverse forest loss and land degradation by 2030.

UK to Plant Trees at Home, While Decimating U.S. Forests

Expert BlogInternationalElly Pepper
Trees are important. The UK’s Tree Strategy wholeheartedly acknowledges that. So why is the UK so intent on continuing (and subsidizing) an industry that depends on cutting them down and burning them?

Chile’s Ongoing Water Crisis: Threats and Needed Actions

Expert BlogChileCarolina Herrera
From too much water to not enough, this critical resource presents unique challenges in the Metropolitan Region (MR) of Chile, the hub of the country’s bustling capital and nearly half of the Chilean population.

Demolishing the Ivory Tower

Latest NewsUnited StatesBrian Palmer
Buying ivory legally requires two PhDs and a JD. Don’t even try it.