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Arctic Drilling: Folly Wrapped in Rhetoric

Expert BlogFranz Matzner
Secretary Zinke this week—with great fanfare—approved a drilling operation in Arctic waters just off the coast of Alaska in the Beaufort sea. The Arctic is no place for oil and gas drilling, and this site is not far from one…

Americans to Trump: No More Offshore Drilling

Expert BlogFranz Matzner
President Trump and Secretary Zinke would expose virtually every mile of America’s coastline—from Maine to Florida, from Alaska to California—to the risks of an oil spill. Our air will be polluted. Ocean health and coastal economies will suffer. Climate change…

BREAKING: Trump Spares NO Coast, Every State at Risk

Expert BlogAlexandra Adams
Secretary Ryan Zinke released the proposal which is the most extreme offshore drilling plan that any administration has proposed, designed to exploit every last U.S. coast for the benefit of the oil industry.

Budget Gimmicks Plunder Public Lands, Taxpayer Pockets

Expert BlogFranz Matzner
The United States Senate passed its budget resolution yesterday, prying open the door to massive cuts to funding for critical public safeguards from food safety to protections for America’s public lands and oceans. Republican Leadership and its oil industry allies…

House Republicans Propose Oil Industry Wish List

Expert BlogAlexandra Adams
In their zeal to support the fossil fuel industry and the Trump administration’s assault on America’s public lands, waters and public health, Republicans on the House Natural Resources Committee have just floated a draft bill which, if enacted, would eliminate…

Trump Tax Plan: Big Polluters Win, the Rest of Us Lose

Expert BlogMarc Boom
For decades, the tax code has benefited corporate polluters while leaving behind those who are most at risk from environmental harms. The Trump plan doubles down on these problems and promises to further entrench established interests by rewarding the wealthy…

Opposition to Offshore Drilling Comes in Bipartisan Wave

Expert BlogAlexandra Adams, Franz Matzner
The communities, people and businesses that rely on healthy coasts will defend their way of life against the federal government’s shameful readiness to put oil industry profits over people yet again.

Trump Admin Tears up Drilling Plan: Eyes Opening our Coasts

Expert BlogAlexandra Adams
The Trump administration has announced that early next week it will launch the planning process for a new Five-Year Outer Continental Shelf (OCS) Oil and Gas Leasing Program, with the goal of effectively tearing up the Obama Administration approved program…

Trump: Check the Fine Print

Expert BlogFranz Matzner
The administration took great pains to hide the ball on the true scope of its attack on monuments. Initial press statements claimed the review would apply only to a handful of larger monuments. Yet the actual Executive Order contains no…

This Solves Nothing

Expert BlogNiel Lawrence
President Trump is issuing an Executive Order to promote oil and gas drilling off America’s beaches and coasts. This shapes up as a major belly flop. Or man overboard. Pick your metaphor.