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Brazil LNG Expansion Undermines Decarbonization

Expert BlogBrazil, United StatesHan Chen, Jessica Carey-Webb
Beyond jeopardizing the energy transition and crowding out renewable energy development in Brazil, the recent introduction of LNG in the Brazilian energy mix will create unnecessary technological lock-in. The U.S. should both discourage these developments and support the deployment of…

China Outlines Additional Steps on Climate Action

Expert BlogChinaJake Schmidt, Brendan Guy, Han Chen, Alvin Lin
At the Climate Ambition Summit 2020 on the five-year anniversary of countries agreeing to the Paris Agreement, Chinese President Xi Jinping announced that China would take additional steps to deliver its 2030 ambitions.

China’s President Commits to Enhance Climate Action

Expert BlogJake Schmidt, Brendan Guy, Han Chen
During his speech to the UN General Assembly today, Chinese President Xi Jingping announced that the country will enhance its climate change ambitions. This announcement is the starting bell on the next critical leg of the race for the world—especially…

America Should Export Clean Energy, Not Climate Chaos

Expert BlogUnited States, China, InternationalDan West, Han Chen

As Congress revisits America’s foreign development strategies, it should prioritize clean energy solutions both at home and abroad to chart a more sustainable path forward and provide other countries with a truly clean energy financing alternative to Russia and China.

Nuclear vs. Climate Change: Feeling the Heat

Expert BlogUnited States, InternationalChristina Chen

With increasing temperatures already posing threats to many nuclear plants around the world, we are faced with a sobering picture of nuclear energy’s vulnerability to climate change impacts.

The Questionable Future of Overseas Coal Investments

Expert BlogHan Chen
If public and private institutions alike continue to finance new coal capacity, it will be impossible to achieve climate goals. It is very clear that coal is not an environmentally viable option.

Implementing the Paris Agreement: 1st Year Progress Report

Expert BlogHan Chen
One year after the Paris Agreement officially entered into force, how are countries doing on meeting their climate commitments? More than 160 countries have formally joined the agreement, and are moving forward to implement policies to tackle climate change. Some…